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International Rare Groove - Free the groove


International Rare Groove is a web radio station. No formatted voices, no useless speeches, no politics.  "irg-radio" is interested in all music genres but singles out Soul, Funk, Afrobeat, Roots/Reggae, Classic Hip-Hop, Disco, Latin and world music gems. It is the desire of "irg-radio" to suggest something completely different and to take you on an audible trip from Lagos to Kingston, Paris to New York, Lima to Djakarta and discover the groove from the world. So tune in, sit back and enjoy. 

Programming & Listening


Hi irg Groovers.

After rising from the ashes in March 2018 we now enter the second half of 2019 with listening figures growing daily.

 irg is now hitting 6500+ every month. 

Below are the links to ios/iPhone and Android apps as promised. These are now availabe thanks to generous donations by listeners via the GoFundme campaign.  

We have tried relentlessly  to be added to iTunes and TuneIn but unfortunately these platforms are no longer accepting new stations. 

For any other info regarding irg-radio, just email through the link below.

Now just sit back and "Free the Groove"

The History of International Rare Groove


IRG was born under the influence of Stephane Burel, aka "Disco", a radio columnist for over 13 years, who did believe in the future of digital broadcast media (radio) as it was just emerging.  IRG's spirit was to liberate the radio from conventional formats and embrace a community with groovy, funky, latino, soul and other 60's 70's sounds. 

From 2009 to 2017, IRG had become a reference for numerous listeners: from New York to Tokyo, London to Rio and beyond. During nearly 11 years, IRG  survived while getting more and more success. Tired and quite disillusioned, victim of a contract clause with Radionomy, the IRG team had to resign and give up broadcasting, and stopped existing. 

Today, IRG is rising from the ashes.

Free the groove and Keep the Faith.


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